Sunday, 15 September 2013

Spectrum Noir Pens - It is love!!!!!

Recently I purchased some Spectrum Noir Pens. It was not an easy decision as I have tried Copic colouring in the past and hated it!!! It was just all too fiddly and it seemed like I neaded thousands of pens to  get the right combinations. And it seemed to take like 6 pens to get one thing shaded correctly. So it was with great trepidation that I forked over the cash.

I know I have probably offended the Copic lovers out there by now and suspect they have stopped reading and left. That is not my intention, but what I have found a lot in the craft community is that there are certain things that can divide us. And one of them is the dang colouring pens.....

Anyway I opened the packets with glee and thought wow these don't look so confusing after all. And after a couple of hours of practising and mixing colours I think I had the hang of it.

I had people telling me to go here and look there and watch this and that, but I can be stubborn at times, and I just ignored all of it....LOL. I watched one YouTube video and then was off.

This is a sneak peak of what I achieved. I can't show you the whole thing as it is for a challenge that hasn't been released yet. But I was really chuffed with my first time effort. And it only took an afternoon. What do you think?? But don't look too closely... I am only learning...LOL

Thanks for popping  by today.


  1. I'm a total fan of my Speccies :) Did you get the full set to start with, or just the six packs?

  2. How interesting because when I was in the UK last year I nearly bought the spectrum noir pens and the lady working in the shop gave me this whole spiel about them vs the copics and said they were crappy and so I never bought them.. Here in SA the copics are around R80 per pen which is a huge outlay for several pens... I could just kick myself now for not going with my gut and getting them... I think this looks fab.

  3. Jess I got the whole lot, except the pastels etc, nothing like jumping in whole

    Val I also baulked at the price of the Copics, the Spectrum Noir Pens are so much more affordable, especially if you just do a little bit every so often. Can you get the Spectrums in SA ???