Saturday, 21 April 2012

Family Frame

I bought some magazines a few weeks ago and as I was flicking through the pages of one I came across a beautiful patchwork frame. When I looked at it I thought it was something that I could try to recreate. I can't sew to save myself really, so I thought a paper version may be possible.
This is the inspiration.

This is my paper version.

PS - It's for sale in my MadeIt store if you are

Friday, 13 April 2012

I always have to be different

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while. Life here has not been straight forward for a little bit. At the end of last term my son had a melt down one night, the only good thing out of it was I got some information out of him about what has been and not been happening at school. So the last week of term saw me on the phone a lot sorting the school out and reminding them what they need to be doing with  the funding they are getting for him etc. The next thing I tackled was the High School question. With Chris not being able to cope with Primary School there is no way he will cope with a main stream High School. But boy the Government doesn't make it easy to get the information and enrol  a special needs child. But I put the wheels in motion and we hopefully will have several suitable choices for him.
Onto lighter things and the main topic of this post. I have seen a huge to do about SMASH. I wasn't sure exactly what it was so like everything I Googled it. Watched a YouTube video and think I have a good handle on it all now. So I thought this was something I would like to do. Yet another thing on my To Do list that will probably sadly be neglected as time goes on.
Here I apologise to all my friends who sell scrapbook supplies.
I looked at the prices of the SMASH items and like everything associated with Scrapbooks, the prices seemed a bit over the top for me. So when I was in the local newsagents I had a quick look at the notebooks they had. And I found a suitable notebook that I can use. It's probably not the right dimensions, but hey at $4.95 it will suit me just fine.
I took it home and then went through my stash of supplies. I found the paper and embellishments I wanted to use, and proceeded to decorate. And since I have such a huge stash, I plan on using some of it to do the inside. My promise to myself is not buy any licensed SMASH product for it, or anything for it actually. I want to use my existing stash for it.
Then came the hard part. What do I put in it?
So I just looked at what I had done that day and went from there. Here are some photos of the Narelle version of SMASH. Who says you can't do it your own way?

My $4.95 notebook.

My covered notebook now my SMASH book.

My first page.