Thursday, 26 January 2012

Catching Up

Sorry I haven't posted for a few days. So this post is a bit of a catch up.
365 Photo - Jan 23
Today was my mums 78th birthday. It was so nice to be with her for her special day. I think it has been around 5 years since I have been with her on her birthday. The weather was atrocious, but it didn't stop us taking her to lunch at the Moreton Bay Boat Club. We had a lovely lunch on the deck. My brother and his family came over to my parents in the afternoon and we did the compulsory Happy Birthday singing and cake. My  mums favourite is Pavolva, so I went to The Cheesecake Shop in the morning and bought one. It was so very yummy. We ended up having dinner in reverse. My brother needed to go home early as he starts work at 4am, so we had the pavolva before he left. Then about an hour later we had dinner. Not teaching the kids the best way to eat, but hey it doesn't happen often.
Todays 365 Photo is of one of  the beautiful desserts we had for lunch.

365 Photo - Jan 24
Today saw us sitting around the house watching the rain fall and the creek at the back rise. I have never seen so much rain fall for such an extended time. It was so heavy and constant that it made my son very anxious. He couldn't do a thing except watch and worry. All he kept saying was that it was going to flood. It took all our persuasive powers to convince him otherwise. He ended up curling up in bed around 7pm and just laying there. I feel so sorry for him but with his condition he can't help it, and he can't be convinced that everything will be ok.
It was so wet that eve the frogs were abandoning the creek and wanting to come inside. I opened the back door at one stage last night and got the scare of my life when something jumped in at me. It was a tiny frog. My husband caught him and took him outside. We were very surprised when we got out there to find around 4 other frogs on  the back patio. My 365 Photo today is of the one that jumped inside and scared the life out of me.

365 Photo - Jan 25
Today saw us driving home to Sydney from Brisbane. The kids were sad to be going home. I was not looking forward to the drive . It had been raining none stop in Brisbane, and by the look of the radar it was heading down the coast.
So we were up at 4am and left at 5am. The driving was slow going as the rain was torrential. At times I had no visibility at all except for pehaps half a car length in front of me if I was lucky. It amazes me in conditions like that, some people just will not drive to the conditions. Many a time a car would fly past us and we would shake our heads in disgust. When will people slow down???
Breakfast was at McDonalds Ballina. What a small world it is. The young family sitting next to us where also travelling back home to Sydney and they live two suburbs away from us. I reckon if we had of chatted longer we would of found that we knew some of the same people. I am a firm believer in 6 degrees of seperation.
Anyway I degress. The trip all the way to Sydney was in rain. At times, although very occassionaly, it was  a light drizzle. Mostly it was very heavy. It made for very tiring driving, so I was forced to let my husband take over at times. I love driving and especially love long country drives, but this was one time where I had no choice. Stop. Revive. Survive. We were all very exhausted when we got home around 8pm.
Todays photo is of the car that got us safely home in the worst driving conditions ever.


  1. glad you got home safe. I was thinking of you up in qld with all the rain

    1. Thanks Jess. They are in for more rain, so I hope all my family up there stay safe.