Wednesday, 11 January 2012

365 Photo - Jan 9

Todays 365 Photo is not one I have taken today, but one from the past. And the reason for this is that my dear Mum is in hospital.  So I thought it appropriate to post a photo of her.
She lives interstate and I unfortunately can not be with her while she is ill. I hope that she recovers quickly. We have decided that next week when my husband is off roster  then we will go up and see my parents. As they  get older, I think we need to stretch the budget a bit further to make the trip more often. It takes 12 hours to drive there and free accomodation when we get there. So if we budget for the petrol we should be able to fit  it in maybe twice a year. The only problem will be finding a time when they will be home. They are always off on holidays in their motor home. They are definitely grey nomads. And good luck to them I say.

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