Tuesday, 10 January 2012

365 Photo - Jan 8

Wow already I am falling behind on my daily photo posts. I am still taking the photo's but just seem to run out of day to get them on here.
Todays 365 Photo is one of a baby bird that I think came out of its nest prematurely. We saw it hoping along  the top of our retaining wall wanting to get down onto the ground. But we think it looked too high for it. So it hoped around to the lower end of the retaining wall and onto the ground. Smart bird. It found a bug to eat but  then struck trouble. It couldn't fly properly yet, so it tried with all its might, but couldn't fly back up to the top of the retaining wall.  My kids were very worried about it. I knew there was no point in trying to pick it up and put it back up the top of the wall because there was no way that it was going to be able to fly back up to the nest.
So while the kids put out a plate of water and some bread in case it was hungry, I posted for some advice on an Australian Birds page. The advice back was basically to leave it be and most times the parents will find them and still feed them out of the nest. Some time in the afternoon it moved away and we think into the undergrowth of our hedges. The kids tried to find it, but couldn't.
We hope the little bird is ok. But what this experience showed me is that my kids have a very sensitive and caring side. Eventhough they fight like cat and dog, it appears that they can also care for others. It was touching to see. My son even said that he lost his appettite for lunch as he was so worried about the bird. Lets hope they keep that sensitivity as they grow.

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