Thursday, 5 January 2012

365 Photo - Jan 4

Today I want to share with you the joys of being married to a shift worker.
Besides the weird hours that he sleeps, and the fact that his body clock is way out of wack, there is the social aspect of it too. We can't just accept any invitation we get straight away. His roster has to be checked before we know if we can go to anything. This way we know in advance if he has to apply for leave for important events. And as the kids lives get busier as they get older, I need to keep everything handy. So we can know at a glance, I always make sure that at the start of every year I have a calendar on the back of the pantry door. Not any ordinary calender though. It has to be one where you can assign a column to each person in the house. Then you just write in what is scheduled on the appropriate days for that person. Obviously for my husband he has to have two columns. One for anything he has planned, and another for the shift that he is working that day. I print out his roster which also has the rest of the teams times on it, and simply write his times onto our calendar.
So thats what I did today. Filled out a new calendar for the year. So that is my 365 photo for today.

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