Friday, 27 January 2012

365 Photo - Jan 26 - Got My Craft On

Todays 365 Photo is of something I created today. For the past 10 days I haven't been able to do any craft, and boy have I been missing it.
My plan for today was to make more Valentines Cards. I did make a couple, but then I saw this little paper album sitting to one side. I was about to throw it out as I have had it a while. I even it had it listed a few places dirt cheap and it didn't sell. And as this year is meant to be a decluttering one for me, I thought I may as well toss it rather than keep it laying around. I am really bad at throwing out anything craft related so hesitated. Glad I did, because then I had a sudden rush of inspiration.
The first photo is what I started with, then the others show the finished product.

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