Monday, 23 January 2012

365 Photo - Jan 22

Today we went for a visit to my husbands sister and her family. We haven't seen them for around 3 years. Our  neices are now quite the young ladies.
Both are very academic and will have three double University degrees between them by the end of  this year. We are very proud of them. The girls we be moving to Sydney soon and we can't wait.
My daughter has always been very shy and even with family. If she doesn't see people all the time, she used to be very shy and not speak to people. She would always be clinging to me or my husband. So everyone has been pleassantly surprised this holidays that she has been more outgoing and no longer shy. I think the difference this time is that she has been at school for the last couple of years and this really has brought her out of her shell. My neices were pleasantly surprised and made the most of the cuddles that she was willing to give out.
Todays photo is of my gorgeous daughter with her beautiful cousins.

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