Tuesday, 17 January 2012

365 Photo - Jan 16

Well the saying goes that Queensland is Beautiful one day and Perfect the next. But I must say, not at the moment. A low pessure system off the coast is bringing lots of rain up and down the coast. The kids are disappointed as they were so looking forward to going to the beach. And with the rain so consistent, we can't even go for a walk along the beach. The kids are going slighty stir crazy already...lol. Actually I am too,because I am thinking of the craft I could be doing if I was at home...lol... In weather like this  there is nothing better than getting your craft on. At least we get to go out to the hospital every day to visit Mum. Not much of an outing for the kids, but it at least gets them out of the house..lol
So todays picture is very appt. It is a screen capture of the radar screen showing all the lovely rain we are having...lol

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