Monday, 16 January 2012

365 Photo - Jan 15

My photo for today is one showing the sort of weather that I had to drive through all day.
On the way to my parents interstate for a week or so, we left at 5am and drove for 12 hours in this sort of weather. At times terrential rain where I had to slow right down to try to see where I was going. A very draining day.
With only 2 hours sleep I decided to take the first stint at driving as I knew later in the day I would need to sleep. But as the time went on, and after each stop we had for a break, I felt OK. Before we knew it we were at our destination.
Went straight to the hospital to see mum when we arrived.  She was very happy to see us. She has to wait to see what the Dr says today about her back, before we know when she will be coming home. Lets hope its not many more days she has to stay in hospital.

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