Monday, 30 January 2012

January Sketch Challenge

Todays 365 photo is of a layout I did for Scrabooking Haven's January Sketch Challenge.
The photo on the layout is of me (on the right) and my cousin, Debbie. We were at the school disco. I even remember spending hours at the hairdresser. My mum was  in hospital so I was staying with my Aunty Daph at the time. I remember sleeping on a mattress on the floor in Debbies room. It was so much fun. Mum made both the dresses. I so wish I could sew like her.

The list of materials used is around here I find it I will update the post.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

365 Photo - 29th Jan

Todays photo is of a layout I have done for a 52Layouts group at Scrapbooking Haven. The brief this week was to use felt. Any sort of felt. This was easy as I have had some Kaisercraft Fozz Felt sitting around for years. I just had to find a photo the right colour and some coordinated paper and embellishments. I love the challenges on this group as it is making me use some of my stash that has been sitting around a while and I keep overlooking. I wonder if I should make this a rule for me for this challenge; use up all my old stuff. Will see how that goes. This is my offering.

Materials used:-
- pink cardstock
- lemon cardstock
- Atomic Daisies paper by Kelly Panacci
- Notebook Paper, Katlin Collection by Crate Paper
- Basic Grey Fabric Flowers
- Basic Grey Sugar Rush Pieces
- Kaisercraft Fozz Felt
- Basic Grey Rubons
- Brads

365 Photo - Jan 28th
One of my goals this year is to declutter the house. Everywhere I look I seem to have stuff that is piling up, or just making the room look messy. I also want to change the way some of the rooms are decorated and the furniture is placed. But before I can do that I need to get rid of all the excess stuff. I am off to a slow start, but at least I have started. While I was cooking dinner I cleaned up and decluttered one little corner of the kitchen bench. One of the things I had in this spot was a wooden utensil holder. I have now put the wooden spoons I had in it, in the second cutlery drawer with all my other tools. Other little bits and pieces I had in that spot I also found homes for out of sight. I now love my little clean and clear piece of bench space. This has spurred me on to keep going. To declutter my large 36square home will take a while, but I guess I don't have to do it all in one day. Todays photo is of the wooden utensil holder. I reckon that I can repurpose this to be used in my craft space. A bit of sandpaper, some paint, ribbon etc and it will have a new use. Watch later posts for the finished product.

365 Photo - Jan 27
As I was getting my craft on today I needed to find a scrap piece of cardstock in a certain colour. As I looked at my scrap tub I felt overwhelmed. So I walked But then I wanted to finish the project, so got my tub out and decided to clean it up. It probably needs more refining but for now it works better than it did. Today I have two photos. The first is what my tub looked like before I sorted it, and the second is the finished product. I now have two bags for scrap cardstock and two bags for patterned paper.

Friday, 27 January 2012

365 Photo - Jan 26 - Got My Craft On

Todays 365 Photo is of something I created today. For the past 10 days I haven't been able to do any craft, and boy have I been missing it.
My plan for today was to make more Valentines Cards. I did make a couple, but then I saw this little paper album sitting to one side. I was about to throw it out as I have had it a while. I even it had it listed a few places dirt cheap and it didn't sell. And as this year is meant to be a decluttering one for me, I thought I may as well toss it rather than keep it laying around. I am really bad at throwing out anything craft related so hesitated. Glad I did, because then I had a sudden rush of inspiration.
The first photo is what I started with, then the others show the finished product.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Catching Up

Sorry I haven't posted for a few days. So this post is a bit of a catch up.
365 Photo - Jan 23
Today was my mums 78th birthday. It was so nice to be with her for her special day. I think it has been around 5 years since I have been with her on her birthday. The weather was atrocious, but it didn't stop us taking her to lunch at the Moreton Bay Boat Club. We had a lovely lunch on the deck. My brother and his family came over to my parents in the afternoon and we did the compulsory Happy Birthday singing and cake. My  mums favourite is Pavolva, so I went to The Cheesecake Shop in the morning and bought one. It was so very yummy. We ended up having dinner in reverse. My brother needed to go home early as he starts work at 4am, so we had the pavolva before he left. Then about an hour later we had dinner. Not teaching the kids the best way to eat, but hey it doesn't happen often.
Todays 365 Photo is of one of  the beautiful desserts we had for lunch.

365 Photo - Jan 24
Today saw us sitting around the house watching the rain fall and the creek at the back rise. I have never seen so much rain fall for such an extended time. It was so heavy and constant that it made my son very anxious. He couldn't do a thing except watch and worry. All he kept saying was that it was going to flood. It took all our persuasive powers to convince him otherwise. He ended up curling up in bed around 7pm and just laying there. I feel so sorry for him but with his condition he can't help it, and he can't be convinced that everything will be ok.
It was so wet that eve the frogs were abandoning the creek and wanting to come inside. I opened the back door at one stage last night and got the scare of my life when something jumped in at me. It was a tiny frog. My husband caught him and took him outside. We were very surprised when we got out there to find around 4 other frogs on  the back patio. My 365 Photo today is of the one that jumped inside and scared the life out of me.

365 Photo - Jan 25
Today saw us driving home to Sydney from Brisbane. The kids were sad to be going home. I was not looking forward to the drive . It had been raining none stop in Brisbane, and by the look of the radar it was heading down the coast.
So we were up at 4am and left at 5am. The driving was slow going as the rain was torrential. At times I had no visibility at all except for pehaps half a car length in front of me if I was lucky. It amazes me in conditions like that, some people just will not drive to the conditions. Many a time a car would fly past us and we would shake our heads in disgust. When will people slow down???
Breakfast was at McDonalds Ballina. What a small world it is. The young family sitting next to us where also travelling back home to Sydney and they live two suburbs away from us. I reckon if we had of chatted longer we would of found that we knew some of the same people. I am a firm believer in 6 degrees of seperation.
Anyway I degress. The trip all the way to Sydney was in rain. At times, although very occassionaly, it was  a light drizzle. Mostly it was very heavy. It made for very tiring driving, so I was forced to let my husband take over at times. I love driving and especially love long country drives, but this was one time where I had no choice. Stop. Revive. Survive. We were all very exhausted when we got home around 8pm.
Todays photo is of the car that got us safely home in the worst driving conditions ever.

Monday, 23 January 2012

365 Photo - Jan 22

Today we went for a visit to my husbands sister and her family. We haven't seen them for around 3 years. Our  neices are now quite the young ladies.
Both are very academic and will have three double University degrees between them by the end of  this year. We are very proud of them. The girls we be moving to Sydney soon and we can't wait.
My daughter has always been very shy and even with family. If she doesn't see people all the time, she used to be very shy and not speak to people. She would always be clinging to me or my husband. So everyone has been pleassantly surprised this holidays that she has been more outgoing and no longer shy. I think the difference this time is that she has been at school for the last couple of years and this really has brought her out of her shell. My neices were pleasantly surprised and made the most of the cuddles that she was willing to give out.
Todays photo is of my gorgeous daughter with her beautiful cousins.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

365 Photo - Jan 21

Today was a lazy day. No beaches and no parks. We stayed home at Mum and Dad's and played Calteeny Rummy till lunch time. Then had a game of soccer in the back yard till my brother and his family came over to visit.  I had a bit of a play with some of the settings on my camera, and one of those photos is todays 365 Photo. I love the drawing effect. I can see this becoming a favourite.
Tonight we were invited to my Aunts place for a BBQ. It was so nice to catch up and with some of my cousins too that came over when they knew I was in town. Their kids are growing up so fast and now are young adults. Made me feel old. I do miss being so far away from my family, so it is really nice to see as many of them as I can when I come up to visit.

365 Photo - Jan 20

Today we took the kids to a park for a play. I couldn't handle another day at the beach, rather my poor sunburnt face and arms couldn't handle another day at the beach. The kids had a great time and my husband and I enjoyed sitting by the water. The breeze was just beautiful. The conversation turned to dreaming of living this life every day. Now we just have to win lotto to make it
After the park play we went for a stroll along Redcliffe pier and then along past the shops. We stumbled across an ice cream parlour and because I am on holidays I just had to indulge.
The best news today was that Mum came out of hospital. She is much better but still needs to build up her strength. So she is using her walking stick to help her get around. I am sure it won't take her long to bounce back.

Friday, 20 January 2012

365 Photo - Jan 19

Well I must say Queensland turned on the beautiful weather for us today. So it was straight to the beach when we woke to find clear blue skies and sunshine. The water was beautiful and not many people on the beach.
My mum is still in hopsital and we have no idea when she is coming out. They took her for another MRI scan yesterday and it showed she has two fractures. One is at the base of her spinal cord and the other is near a nerve. She is no pain from it now, but we need to wait and see what the specialist decides to do. At least her kidneys are functioning better and no dialysis is needed. She turns 78 on Monday so I really hope she gets out for her birthday.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

365 Photo - Jan 18

Today we went to the beach even though the weather wasn't the best. It was warm but kept raining on and off. The kids were nagging about going so we thought that it doesn't matter if it rains because if we are in the water we are wet The kids had a ball in the water and building sand castles. Then we had a lovely lunch by the sea and  the kids played on some climbing balls near by. Eventhough the weather wasn't that great we made the most of the breaks in the rain.

365 Photo - Jan 17

Todays photo is of my favourite trees. These trees are at a park at Scarborough. They are in a playground for the kids to climb on. I just love the shape of them and the gorgeous shade they create.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

365 Photo - Jan 16

Well the saying goes that Queensland is Beautiful one day and Perfect the next. But I must say, not at the moment. A low pessure system off the coast is bringing lots of rain up and down the coast. The kids are disappointed as they were so looking forward to going to the beach. And with the rain so consistent, we can't even go for a walk along the beach. The kids are going slighty stir crazy Actually I am too,because I am thinking of the craft I could be doing if I was at In weather like this  there is nothing better than getting your craft on. At least we get to go out to the hospital every day to visit Mum. Not much of an outing for the kids, but it at least gets them out of the
So todays picture is very appt. It is a screen capture of the radar screen showing all the lovely rain we are

Monday, 16 January 2012

365 Photo - Jan 15

My photo for today is one showing the sort of weather that I had to drive through all day.
On the way to my parents interstate for a week or so, we left at 5am and drove for 12 hours in this sort of weather. At times terrential rain where I had to slow right down to try to see where I was going. A very draining day.
With only 2 hours sleep I decided to take the first stint at driving as I knew later in the day I would need to sleep. But as the time went on, and after each stop we had for a break, I felt OK. Before we knew it we were at our destination.
Went straight to the hospital to see mum when we arrived.  She was very happy to see us. She has to wait to see what the Dr says today about her back, before we know when she will be coming home. Lets hope its not many more days she has to stay in hospital.

365 Photo - Jan 14

Todays  photo is one of my kids. They found a small play tea set that my daughter got as a gift a while ago and decided they wanted to use it and have a tea party.
Bit of a boring tea party if you ask me, they just had water in their little tea

Saturday, 14 January 2012

365 Photo - Jan 13

Another day, another photo. Today it is a card that I made for a challenge.
The Strut Your Cuts Challenge at Scrappy-Go-Lucky.

I am being really slack today and didn't keep a list of what I used. Maybe because I finished it at

Friday, 13 January 2012

365 Photo - Jan 12

Todays 365 Photo is again something I have been working on  for my MadeIt store.
I really should be making more Valentines cards, but I sort of got sidetracked when I had to make some owl thumbtacks for a customer.
What do you think these are going to be?? Be sure to check out my shop in a few weeks to find out.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

365 Photo - Jan 11

Today my 365 Photo is again of something I have been making.
These cute little owl thumbtacks are listed in my MadeIt Store. These ones I am making for a customers order.
Each order from my store receives a little gift. I can't tell you what it is, you will have to order something for yourself to find

365 Photo - Jan 10

Today my 365 Photo is also a sneak peek at what I have been making.
Valentines Day is just around the corner, so I have been busy making cards to sell.
Here are just a few of what I have made. Keep an eye out shortly for them in my MadeIt Store.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

365 Photo - Jan 9

Todays 365 Photo is not one I have taken today, but one from the past. And the reason for this is that my dear Mum is in hospital.  So I thought it appropriate to post a photo of her.
She lives interstate and I unfortunately can not be with her while she is ill. I hope that she recovers quickly. We have decided that next week when my husband is off roster  then we will go up and see my parents. As they  get older, I think we need to stretch the budget a bit further to make the trip more often. It takes 12 hours to drive there and free accomodation when we get there. So if we budget for the petrol we should be able to fit  it in maybe twice a year. The only problem will be finding a time when they will be home. They are always off on holidays in their motor home. They are definitely grey nomads. And good luck to them I say.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

365 Photo - Jan 8

Wow already I am falling behind on my daily photo posts. I am still taking the photo's but just seem to run out of day to get them on here.
Todays 365 Photo is one of a baby bird that I think came out of its nest prematurely. We saw it hoping along  the top of our retaining wall wanting to get down onto the ground. But we think it looked too high for it. So it hoped around to the lower end of the retaining wall and onto the ground. Smart bird. It found a bug to eat but  then struck trouble. It couldn't fly properly yet, so it tried with all its might, but couldn't fly back up to the top of the retaining wall.  My kids were very worried about it. I knew there was no point in trying to pick it up and put it back up the top of the wall because there was no way that it was going to be able to fly back up to the nest.
So while the kids put out a plate of water and some bread in case it was hungry, I posted for some advice on an Australian Birds page. The advice back was basically to leave it be and most times the parents will find them and still feed them out of the nest. Some time in the afternoon it moved away and we think into the undergrowth of our hedges. The kids tried to find it, but couldn't.
We hope the little bird is ok. But what this experience showed me is that my kids have a very sensitive and caring side. Eventhough they fight like cat and dog, it appears that they can also care for others. It was touching to see. My son even said that he lost his appettite for lunch as he was so worried about the bird. Lets hope they keep that sensitivity as they grow.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

365 Photo - Jan 7

OK now I have cleaned up my space, I can now do something.
So I have just got out all my supplies for the next thing on my list - Valentines Day.
Each year  this seems to come around so fast after Christmas that I normally miss out making cards to sell. I always seem to run out of time.
Well hopefully not this year.
So my 365 Photo today is all the supplies I got out ready to start creating some Valentines loveliness.

365 Photo - Jan 6

Today my 365 Photo is about something that I have needed to do for so so long. Sort out my craft space.
I have never been good and putting things away properly when I have finished before I move onto the next project. I am usually so excited to start the next thing that I can't be bothered cleaning up properly before I get started. Well it got to the stage last week where I had to actually step over several piles of things to get to my chair. It was driving me crazy.
So this photo shows me in the midst of cleaning my space.

Friday, 6 January 2012

Bright Colours Challange

I told you this was the year for Well here is another one.  This time it is for one of the Craft Groups on Facebook - Aussie Craft Show and Tell Room.
The challenge was to create a piece of work, like a card or layout etc. It had to use bright colours, cute embellishments and ribbon. I think I have all the elements on this layout.
I must admit it is not my best work. But because of school holidays I have only been able to do this layout in  bits and pieces late at night. I prefer to start and finish a layout uninterrupted in the one sitting.
Anyway, here it is. Product list follows.

Products used:-
- Echo Park Paper - Country Drive Collection -  Element Stickers; Border Strip Paper; Clover/Big Sky Paper; Flutter By Paper; Little Ladies Paper
- Craft Affair ribbon
- Cardstock - red, green, yellow
- Cuttlebug & Die & Embossing Folder
- Kindyglitz - Crystaline

Thursday, 5 January 2012

365 Photo - Jan 5

Last night I decided to get out my bread oven. I haven't used it for so long. But I couldn't be bothered going to the shops yesterday to buy some bread. I was haveing a lazy day. I knew there wouldn't be enough for breakfast, so dug out the bread oven. I set the timer so that it would be ready at 8am this morning.
I must confess I haven't always had the best of luck producing nice loaves, so was dubious that we would have bread for breakfast. But I am pleased to announce that it turned out exceptionally well. I think theres about 2 slices left. So looks like I will be putting it on again tonight.

365 Photo - Jan 4

Today I want to share with you the joys of being married to a shift worker.
Besides the weird hours that he sleeps, and the fact that his body clock is way out of wack, there is the social aspect of it too. We can't just accept any invitation we get straight away. His roster has to be checked before we know if we can go to anything. This way we know in advance if he has to apply for leave for important events. And as the kids lives get busier as they get older, I need to keep everything handy. So we can know at a glance, I always make sure that at the start of every year I have a calendar on the back of the pantry door. Not any ordinary calender though. It has to be one where you can assign a column to each person in the house. Then you just write in what is scheduled on the appropriate days for that person. Obviously for my husband he has to have two columns. One for anything he has planned, and another for the shift that he is working that day. I print out his roster which also has the rest of the teams times on it, and simply write his times onto our calendar.
So thats what I did today. Filled out a new calendar for the year. So that is my 365 photo for today.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

52 Layouts Challenge

Am I mad? I have signed up for yet more challenges. Isn't the new year renewal great for doing crazy things. I know it won't last as the hum drum of every day life kicks in down the track. But I am enjoying the crazyness of it all now.
One of the challenges is called 52 Layouts by Scrapbooking Haven. Each week we are given a theme to scrap. The first one was a layout that had something to do with the New Year. It could of been  how you brought in the New Year or your resolutions, or what you hope to get from the year ahead.
I think the hardest part for me was narrowing down my theme. Once the picture was selected, the rest was easy.
Here is my submission for the challenge. List of products used follows.

Products used :-
- BoBunny Welcome Home Collection - Picket Fence paper  and Chipboard Picket Fence
- Cardstock - Blue, Green and White
- Hero Arts Art Flowers
- White flowers
- Green leaf vine
- Paper Doily
- Kaisercraft Rhinestone Petal
- Cricut and Base Camp Cartridge
- Cuttlebug and Embossing Folder
- Colorbox Stamp Pad - Cyan
- Anna Griffin Journal Tag
- Kaisercraft Rhinestones

365 Photo - Jan 3

Today we took the kids to feed the ducks. We are lucky enough to live in an estate where 3 streets behind us at the top of the hill, is a lovely pond and large grassed area. The kids love feeding the ducks with any old bread I have stored up. I count my blessings every day that I am fortunate enough to live in the area I do.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Guest Designer Call Cards

Recently I saw a Guest Designer call out for a Washi Tape manufacturer. So I thought I would give it a go and submit something. You had to submit two projects, could be anything. And because one of the things I want to do this year is to challenge myself with my craft, then why not give it a go. I don't expect to get the gurnsy, but hey I had lots of fun doing this. Here are my two items I submitted:-

Here are the items I used making these cards.

-White cardstock
-Bazill Cardstock
-Kaisercraft Little Toot Collection
-Kaisercraft English Rose Collection
-Inkadinkado Happy Birthday Stamp
-Versa Colour Stamp Pad in Cardinal colour
-White crochet cotton
-Sawyers Place Washi Tape
-Elements Crystal Stickers
-Prima Flowers
-Delish Pearls

Monday, 2 January 2012

365 Photo - Jan 2

Here is my 365 photo for today.
It is my daughter doing her favourite thing - drawing. I was sitting at the table and watching her. Then I started to reflect at just how different my kids are.
One has Autism and lots of other issues. But I wouldn't change him for the world. The other is a high achiever. She just loves school and anything related to learning.
I guess my life would be easier if they were more similar, but then that would be too easy. And life would be

Strut Your Cuts Challenge

One of the things I want to do this year, is push myself out of my comfort zone with my crafting. And one way of doing that is to participate in different challenges.
So the first challenge I am doing is the "Strut Your Cuts" Challenge on the Scrappy-Go-Lucky blog. This challenge is designed to get you using your Cricut Cartridges.
Here is my first offering in the challenge.

To create this card I used:-

- White Cardstock
- Bazill Green Cardstock
-Kaisercraft - Ever Blooming Collection - Blooming paper
- Penny Black Stamps - Brush Tulips, and Thanks
- Tim Holtz Distress Inks - Walnut Stain
- Bella Ribbon
- Kaisercraft Pearl Strips
- Cricut Jasmine Cartridge
- EK Success Corner Rounder
- Green pre-scored card

I had a ball doing this card. Bring on next weeks challenge!
Why not join me doing this? Check out the Scrappy-Go-Lucky blog for all the details.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

365 Photo - Jan 1

I have taken my first 365 Photo for the year. I was surprised that I remembered to take it.
Here it is -

Today we had a family day of playing games. I love days like this where we all sit together and play different games. Todays main game was Bingo. Such a fun family game. We have prizes for each time some one wins. Normally it is something small like a lolly or chocolate. I am a confirmed chocoholic so there is always chocolate in my house!

I cherish times like this where we are together as a family, enjoying each others company with not a care in the world. As the kids are growing up I can see these times diminishing, so I am making the most of themm now. And what a brilliant way to cherish them than taking a photo, blogging it, and then scrapping it. Wonder if I could get this scrapped tonight. Now thats a challenge - take the photo and scrap it on the same day. Stay tuned for  that very adventurous challenge!!

If you are reading this and have no idea what a 365 photo is, then here is an explanation. Basically the aim is to take a photo every day of the year. Then create a scrapbook of a year in your life. The photo could be about anything. Something you did on the day, an object that conjures up childhood memories, a special occassion or just something really mundane that represents your life. Why not joing me in this challenge. Would love for you to add a comment below with a link to your 365 photo.
Don't put any pressure on yourself, just have fun.

Happy New Year

Well 2012 is here!

 Another year has flown past so quickly. Is it me, or are the years going faster. I hope that this year is a safe and prosperous one for you all.

This year my eldest turns 12 and goes into his last year of primary school. My youngest turns 8, and my hubby turns 50. Oh my the years are flying past.

I haven't made any resolutions this year as I always manage to loose my steam after a then I feel like a failure. Instead, this year I am going to try, to the best of my ability, to be the best person I can be. As part of being the best I can be, I should be able to tackle my weight issue, declutter my house, use my ever increasing craft stash, and expand my business. I suppose only time will tell.

One thing I want to do this year is take a photo every day with the intention to make a scrapbook of a year in my life. The photo doesn't have to be anything splendid, but just something from the day. It could be a photo of an event, an object, anything really. Lets call this our 365 photo.Who wants to join me??

Another thing I want to do is become a StampinUp Demonstrator. But hubby has a few reservations. Hopefully we can work through them.

One last thing I would like to commit to is a  challenge on Scrappy-Go Lucky that will hopefully see me use all my Cricut Cartridges, and maybe buy a few more.

So now I am off to see what today brings and what I end up taking a photo of.

Catch you all later,