Friday, 25 November 2011

Having fun creating!!!

Hi everyone,
Well first of all I must apologise for the lack of posts from me. It's all Pinterest's fault. I have been having too much fun creating what I have found on there to be bothered stopping to post. So naughty of me, but I have been having a ball.
In my last post I promised to show you what I have made. Well since then I have created quite a few things. Lets start with the first one that I made. No pictures to show you unfortunately. I shall explain in a minute. This is what I was supposed to be making -

The plan was to make red, green and white ones for Christmas. My daughter and I had a very messy ball making them and were quite proud of our efforts. We put them aside to dry. A couple of hours later we went to check on them and were terribly disappointed. It turns out that the balloons I used, which had been sitting in the cupboard for a few years, were too old to stay up for long. They slowly deflated and our beautiful string balls ended up like a bundle of messy wet wool. The bits that had dried were hard, so in theory if you have good balloon I reckon they would turn out quite good.
I have bought new balloons but haven't retried making them yet. I've been too busy making everything else I have seen.
If I don't get sidetracked making more stuff, then hopefully in another couple of days, I should have another Pinterest inspired thing to show you.
Cheers for now,

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