Saturday, 29 October 2011

Christmas Paper Wreath

I have just finished making a Christmas Wreath out of paper. This was my first attempt and I  must say I am mighty pleased with how it turned out. I saw the idea online somewhere a few weeks ago. They had made theirs out of wrapping paper. I  made mine out of scrapping paper. See below for instructions if  you want to have a go at making your own.

This is how I made it
1. I used a sheet of Bazzill Cardstock 12" x 12". I placed a dinner plate on it and traced to make a circle. Then I used a smaller plate to make another circle. Then I cut out along the lines to make a ring.

2. I drew a leaf shape freehand out of the spare cardstock. Then traced it onto my selected paper. I used Festive from Kaisercraft December 25th Collection. This paper is double sided and it took nearly 2 sheets to make all the leaves for this wreath.

3. Then I inked the edges of the leaves with Tim Holtz Walnut Stain.

4. To give the leaves a bit of shape so they didn't just sit flat against the wreath, I pinched the ends together so I got a nice curl.

5.  Then I stapled the leaves onto the cardstock ring. I started with the middle leaf then did the outer two. I didn't use a hot glue gun for this as I find it too messy. But you can use whatever is easiest for you. Double sided tape might work as well.

6. I did one side of the ring, then started the other side so the leaves met in the middle at the top and bottom.
7. I then cut out another ring to cover the back so the staples wouldn't be seen.

8. I them made a bow and hanging tab. These I added using a hot glue gun as I wanted to make sure they stuck.

9. Next I added some Green Tara Christmas picks and flowers.

10. And there you have it, my first attempt at a paper Christmas Wreath.

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