Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Scrapbook Beginnings

I am teaching a class tonight on the Basics of Layout and Design for scrapbooks. It's a regular class held twice a month. As I was printing off the student handouts I got to thinking - what were my first pages like. So I pulled out my very first album from nearly 11 years ago.
Back then I had no clue about what I was doing. I didn't even know that 12" x 12" was the standard size and you had special 12" x 12" albums. I used to scrapbook in a spiral bound art journal I got from my local department store. Stickers were big back then and so was hand lettering for headings. Boy oh boy were the pages basic. But I won't go back and change them, they are part of my scrapbooking journey. I have done other layouts with copies of some of the photos. In fact that is on my To Do list. I wasnt to recreate a proper scrapbook as I know them now using the same photos and themes. So I can compare how far I have come.
Who would of thought that looking at these  old layouts that I would one day be teaching the craft. 
I had no idea back then that I was doing anything wrong. Well  not until a cousin came over one day and I showed her my album. She politely invited me along to a Creative Memories party at her place. Boy were my eyes opened, and I must say I was very embarrased at what I had shown my cousin. But we have had some good laughs about it over the years.
And I don't believe I am doing this, but here as some of those first pages.

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